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    Harby, Isaac | PRAYER BOOKS, | Kahal Kadosh, Beth Elohim, Charleston, S.C. 1974

    Several Israels, The

    Sandmel, Samuel | PHILOSOPHY, | KTAV, NYC 1971

    Festival of Trees, The

    Fisher, Adam | TU B'SHEVAT, HAGGADAH-FESTIVAL, | CCAR Press, Philadelphia, 1989

    True Colors

    Mortman, Doris | No subjects available. | NY, Crown Pub., 1994

    These Holy Sparks

    Waskow, Arthur | PHILOSOPHY, | Harper & Row, San Francisco, Ca. 1983

    Jewish Values and Social Crisis

    Vorspan, Albert | PHILOSOPHY, | UAHC NYC 1968 (loose-leaf papers in ring binder)

    Evil and the Morality of God

    Schulweis, Harold M | PHILOSOPHY, GOD, | HUC Press, Cincinnati, Oh. 1983

    On Jews and Judaism in Crisis

    Scholem, Gershom G | PHILOSOPHY, | Schocken Books, NY 1976

    Sacrifice of Isaac

    Gordon, Neil | No subjects available. | NY., Random, 1995

    Memorial Prayers and Meditations

    Selikovitsch, G. ed. | PRAYER BOOKS, | Hebrew Pub. Co. NYC, 1910